Postural Alignment & Origins of Movement Workshop, October 14th


Postural Alignment & Origins of Movement Workshop, October 14th


Saturday, October 14,
1-3:15 pm
$40 pre-reg, $45 day-of
with Kerry Mc Kenna

Stress and Tension creates patterns in your body that constrict movement and can create pain. Is this really the way it’s supposed to be? How do we express ourselves fully if our bodies are not helping? Or, how do we get to the next level of expression? Learn how a body truly moves at every level, why it seems to become more difficult as we age, and how to become Free as an amoeba! This “play-shop” is for anyone, but particularly yoga students and teachers, athletes and artists who use their bodies for expression. 

A postural evaluation is available to create a body map of your current posture and balance, then we begin to empower your clearer, easier movement so you can apply it to your daily life and movement/yoga practices. The discussion and discovery process brings together physiology, guided experience of easy movements and personal context to your unique body experience.

Kerry McKenna is a certified Rolfer with 12 years experience as a healer. Her work as a theater professional, musician and sometime athlete bring her an integrated perspective on bodies and energy expression. 


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