Margie Butler — joyful blur

Recent Work from Jala’s India Retreat

Art Opening! Saturday, December 15th: 4-6 pm

Painting was an important part of savoring this recent India retreat with Jala. Twelve days at Basunti in the northern province of Himachal Pradesh offered the opportunity to briefly immerse myself in new colors, scents, flavors, traditions and India’s vast sense of space.


The beauty and contrasts I observed were humbling.

Grand Himalayas and lush vegetation,

twisting roads, colorful temples

burning rubbish and Sumla’s smile.

Creatures who revealed themselves

and the hidden ones I imagined were lucky in the bushes.

Two endless lakes,

long meandering paths

and that lovely lilac sky.


The watercolors in this show were done on site at Basunti.

The acrylic paintings on board and other works happened in the weeks after returning.

Margie is a painter whose creations span plein air, abstracts, collage and painted objects. Margie completed her MFA at the Art Institute of Boston and keeps a studio in her Providence home. In addition to art, she consults in the fields of brand strategy and community engagement.

The gallery is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-5 pm, as well as by appointment.