September - December 2017

An Li Liu: Recent Collages

an li detail.jpeg

"This collection of collage paintings began with some trimmings from some larger abstract works I’ve been making recently. I have been collecting these “outtakes” and thought I’d save them for some smaller pieces. Instead of pouring more paints onto them in layers like I normally do, I began instead to use collage to create dreamy, playful landscapes and vistas.

My work is very process driven -- for me, the joy in making art is witnessing the unfolding of imagery though expressive gestures using a variety of tools. I particularly like squeegees, spoons, and scrapers. With these pieces, it was fun to add to the painted backdrops, creatures, characters, and all manner of objects in a more methodical and planned way. I think there’s something mysterious, magical, and light-hearted about this group of paintings.

I’m a long-time yoga practitioner, and feel like art making has similar qualities as doing yoga. As an abstract painter, there is an emphasis on creating forms and manifesting gestures in a variety of colors. Spontaneity is a big part of my work, but there is attentiveness, precision and focus as well. At its best, the process of making is deeply embodied, can offer other ways of seeing, and can be a transcendent experience. The end result just follows. For the most part, there is no real goal or specific picture in mind. It all just comes as part of the path of making – a fluid, mindful process that goes beyond the everyday."


An Li Liu was born in Guelph, Ontario Canada and lived in Toronto for over a decade before moving to the US. She resided in Boston, MA for several years, and then moved to Berkeley in 2014. She attended the University of Toronto majoring in Cinema Studies and Religion. An Li also studied New Media Design and worked in the industry as a web and graphic designer. She is a traveller at heart having traversed much of South and South East Asia where colors and energies are very potent. An Li delved into yoga practices with a special interest in Buddhist philosophy and then became a yoga instructor herself several years ago, and taught in the Boston area. While An Li took formal art classes in University, she is mainly a self-taught artist with many influences — everything from sublime landscapes and atmospheres to city energy and our shared existential wonders and woes.

curated by Bristol Maryott


Jala is pleased to show the work of Jessica Kung Dreyfus. Jessica is a Chinese American born in New York City in 1981. She studied Architecture and Art at Yale University, and also studied abroad with Cornell University in Rome. She graduated with honors from Yale in 2004.

Her work straddles the disciplines of art and architecture. Primarily through the medium of drawing, she explores how the Eastern tradition of the energetic body informs our experience of body, building, and urban environments. Through her work, she brings together her rigorous training in western art and architecture and her equally rigorous training in eastern philosophy and methodology to create a new paradigm.
Jala features Jessica’s screenprints of yoga postures with watercolor and pastel overlays as well as originals and prints of Jessica’s line drawings.

curated by Bristol Maryott