Wednesday, June 28th
6:15PM -7:45PM

Join us for our monthly treat: A vigorous Jivamukti Open class accompanied by life electronic music by Antonio Forte. In this inspiring Jivamukti Open class, your movements will both inform and be informed by Antonio's soundscape.

Regular class fees apply but donations for musician are suggested.

Workshops with Scot Hendricks

Learning Along the Way with Scot HendriCKS

Sat, July 15, 11:30am-2pm
$40 pre-reg, $45 day of 

What if Ashtanga vinyasa yoga is not all about the asana or the progression through the series of postures? What if the practice of yoga has more to do with what is happening within our minds, than what is happening on our mats? 

After more than 25 years of practicing Ashtanga yoga, it becomes clearer and clearer to me that the learning process never ends. It is now apparent how the early years of practice were in fact setting up a framework for future learning. It now seems to me that we physically gather together on our mats day after day to witness the unveiling of what lies beneath the surface of our "chitta vrittis," our ever moving minds.

This workshop will focus on how we can apply our collective wisdom and experience towards a calm and more elaxed practice, with less fixation and greater Self-awareness. The group will select Ashtanga postures, based on their experience to be challenging, and we will explore them together as a guided practice session.

An Evening of Stillness and Letting Go with Scot HendricKS

July 29th, 4:30-6:30 pm
$30 pre-reg, $35 day-of

The compliment to an active, fast-paced vinyasa practice, is inviting stillness and learning to relax deeply into your practice. Placing the emphasis on inner listening and finding peace in the posture, is more readily available in a slower approach which requires less physical effort.

This practice will consist of a slow sequence of grounded postures that we will explore for several minutes each, instead of just a few breaths. The aim is to cultivate a deep stillness in the body / mind which leads to a calm natural state of being. The practice will conclude with a deep relaxation and a guided meditation.