Bristol Maryott is thrilled to be the owner of Jala. Bristol is an Advanced-Certified Jivamukti and prenatal yoga instructor with over twelve years of experience teaching yoga. Bristol’s practice and teaching is informed by the light and grace of her dear teachers. She is grateful for the tutelage of Jivamukti founders, Sharon Gannon and David Life, as well as senior Jivamukti teachers Lady Ruth & Yogeswari. Bristol also travels to India regularly where she loves to practice with Saraswathi Jois in Mysore. She also has completed an Ashtanga second series intensive with Manju Jois. 
Bristol holds an MA in Art History from the Courtauld Institute of Art in London UK and graduated from Yale with a BA in English. She has worked at Sotheby’s in London and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Bristol believes that art and yoga are complimentary disciplines exploring consciousness. Bristol wanted to create a space where yoga practitioners could both inspire and be inspired by art.


Amanda Eckhardt is honored to be a part of the Jala community. She is a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher (Eoin Finn 200-hr, 2014) and her classes are alignment focused and breath based in practice. She is inspired by Jivamukti Yoga and appreciates the use of music and longer held postures in order to encourage students to slow down and connect to themselves. Her restorative class is a chance to deeply calm, quiet and open the body.

Amanda is an artist at heart and holds a BFA in Photography from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She hopes to inspire creative expression within her teaching, that each student may rediscover the beauty of their own lives and through this cultivate a stronger connection to their highest self.


Andrew Lynn is very grateful to teach at Jala. He started practicing Yoga in 2012 while living in Pittsburgh, PA. Like many beginner Yogis, he found the physical practice challenging and centering. When he joined the Jala community in 2014, he found that Yoga is a lifestyle, not just a physical practice. Since then he has deepened his asana, meditation and pranayama practices. He studies with Stephen Bethel in Hillsborough, NH. His training is similar to the ancient Gurukula System, where students live, study and help out at the family compound of their teacher. Each of his classes focuses on community, supporting one another, the breath, and tuning into the Body and Mind. He believes a well-rounded Yoga practice includes meditation to calm the mind, pranayama (or breathing practices) to steady the breath, and intentional asanas. But most critically, he believes that Yoga does not stop when you leave your mat.

When Andrew is not at Jala he is studying Developmental Psychology and Neuroscience at Brown University. He currently holds both a B.S. and a Sc.M. in Psychology, and hope to complete his Ph.D. in the same field within the next couple of years. Long term, he hopes to incorporate Yoga into his research on environmental influences on learning and memory across childhood.

Anna Aresi turned to Ashtanga Yoga while in graduate school to cope with high levels of stress and was so captivated by the experience of wholeness attainable through yoga that she decided to turn it into a lifelong practice. Her yoga and meditation practices have offered great opportunities for self-discovery and have accompanied her throughout intense times such as stressful jobs, pregnancy and childbirth, motherhood. She completed a 200hr Prana Flow Teacher Training with Coral Brown while pregnant with her first baby (a memorable adventure!) and continues to study in the Ashtanga/Jivamukti and Iyengar traditions. Anna holds a Ph.D. in Italian Studies from Brown University and works as a translator, editor, and teacher in Providence, where she lives with her husband, son, and dog.


April Head Shot.jpg

April Huth began practicing yoga in the summer of 2010; as a former competitive athlete, she was attracted by the physical nature of the postures but even more fascinated that ego and competition played no part in the practice. That led April to a greater appreciation for yoga and an in-depth self-study. She was inspired by the mind and body connection in the practice of yoga. In the fall of 2011 she deepened her studies and received her 200-hour certification.

Her teaching style is peaceful and creative, specializing in an energetic flow class. She also often leads basics classes for students that want to focus on foundation or those just beginning their practice. April's calm, peaceful demeanor is an asset in the classroom and her introspective nature reflects positivity in her teaching. Her serenity comes from her great love and respect for nature and the environment. April is currently enrolled in a Nature & Forest Therapy training as well as a 300-hour yoga teacher training ."I believe that yoga is so multi-faceted, you can take home anything you gain from the practice.  As humans I feel as though we can never stop growing, learning, and evolving and yoga is a gateway to do so.  My hope is to inspire my students as I have been inspired.”


Eve Carey  is delighted to join Jala. Eve’s yoga practice began in her early teens. As such, Eve grew into adulthood relying on the teachings of yoga and her practice for guidance, which had a profoundly positive impact on her life. Teaching and sharing the joy of yoga became a natural next step in her yoga journey. Eve became a certified yoga teacher (200-hr) in 2017, under the guidance of Philip Urso and Renee Deslauriers. Eve’s goal as a yoga instructor is to facilitate her students’ mind-body-spirit connection through a class of mindful breathing and flowing postures. Eve is grateful to be able to give back to her community by sharing this powerful practice and to continue learning from her students and teachers.

Eve holds a BSc in Wildlife Biology (Uni. of Rhode Island, 2011), and a MSc in Zoology (wildlife physiology) (Southern Illinois Uni., 2014). She has been blessed with opportunities to study animals and meet people from some truly beautiful and remote parts of the world. Eve has a deep appreciation for the natural world and connectivity of all living beings, which shines through in her teaching. To Eve, yoga opens our consciousness to better knowing ourselves and others, and realizing that there is no difference between the two.


Fanny Rovere started practicing Yoga in 2002, when she was lucky enough to live right next to the Sivanada Yoga Vedanta Center in Vienna. Ever since then - going through phases of more and less intensity - Yoga has been a part of her life. Her most influential teachers have been senior Iyengar teachers Helmuth Hausberger and Elke Pichler of Iyengar Yoga Vienna. Fanny is a finished her 500 hours training at Grace School of Yoga in North Kingstown, RI, a tradition based on the teachings of Sri Dharma Mittra, NYC. Fanny teaches a moderately paced flow with longer holds. Main emphasis is to guide students towards their ‘inner yoga’, no matter at which physical level they are.
Together with her husband and her two children she came to the US in 2014. Fanny holds an MBA of Vienna University of Economics and worked in the political field in interest representation as well as for the European Parliament. She sees Yoga as a means of finding strength and balance in order to engage fully in the world and for the world. 


Native Rhode Islander Julie Ann discovered yoga in New York City while working as an actor in 2005. After ten years of honing her personal practice under Cassandra Rigney at Jivamukti Yoga School, as well as Barbara Verocci and Kristen Leigh of the Shala Yoga House, Julie Ann completed her 200 HR RYT training in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Her energetic Ashtanga inspired vinyasa flow classes, fueled by good music, humor, and intention, aim to bring students inward through hard work. Drawing from her experiences as an avid solo traveler and through meditation, she aims to create a safe and compassionate platform for accessible self reflection and empowerment.


MacKenzie Abernethy shares her joy for Jala, where she has practiced and appreciated the community since 2015. A dedicated yogi for over a decade, MacKenzie doesn’t know where she would be without her mind-body-soul connection—but she's traveled the world with it. She has lived in Oregon, Washington, Arizona, California, Rhode Island, and four different cities in France—phew! Passionate about empowering people, MacKenzie aims to foster focus and peaceful inner-knowing.

She is certified to teach Vinyasa & Yin yoga (200-hr + 60-hr Yin, True Studio, 2017). Also a writer and teacher, she originally came to Providence to write Social Studies curriculum with the Choices Program at Brown University. Grateful for her international teaching experience, to students across ages 6-60, she encourages questions and suggestions. After all, yoga is best shared!


Sarah Besky completed her Ashtanga Yoga teacher training with David Swenson. It is the Ashtanga system’s structure as well as its openness to exploration that brings her to practice every morning. Sarah spends the rest of her day as an anthropologist at Brown University.  Anthropologists love to talk about ritual.  It is the ritual nature of a Mysore practice that Sarah finds most captivating. Rituals are structuring and emergent; they allow for experimentation and reaffirm order.  They draw on an energy that rests within individuals but far exceeds them.  In ritual, coming together in one place for the same purpose engenders, in sociologist Emilé Durkheim’s words, a sense of “collective effervescence.” As an Ashtanga teacher Sarah works towards balancing structure with emergence and facilitating that collective effervesce.