The Artwork of Elizabeth Pannell

Opening Reception
Friday, December 15th
7 pm

"These days, as time allows, I am drawn to the sea, to bask in its restorative powers. I was raised on the water, the daughter of a sailor, and have always had an emotional response to the sea's energy. I paint from life, plein air, in locations which are imbued with peace and tranquility. In response to the elements, awash in color and light, I work to express this feeling of calm inspired by nature. My paintings are studies, impressions of a day, a location, a time of year, a moment, a memory."



Jala is pleased to show the work of Jessica Kung Dreyfus. Jessica is a Chinese American born in New York City in 1981. She studied Architecture and Art at Yale University, and also studied abroad with Cornell University in Rome. She graduated with honors from Yale in 2004.

Her work straddles the disciplines of art and architecture. Primarily through the medium of drawing, she explores how the Eastern tradition of the energetic body informs our experience of body, building, and urban environments. Through her work, she brings together her rigorous training in western art and architecture and her equally rigorous training in eastern philosophy and methodology to create a new paradigm.
Jala features Jessica’s screenprints of yoga postures with watercolor and pastel overlays as well as originals and prints of Jessica’s line drawings.

curated by Bristol Maryott