Jala is 4!

Special Free Birthday Class with live music by Antonio Forte

Vegan Potluck & Party

Saturday, October 20th

4:30 pm

Join us to celebrate Jala’s 4th anniversary! There will be a free class with Bristol from 4:30-5:30 pm. This class will feature the special live music accompaniment of Antonio Forte. Class will be followed by a vegan potluck and party, so bring a dish to share if you feel inclined. There will also be special discounts in the boutique and gallery.



with Nancy Grzeszak and Jeremy Arndt

Thursday, November 15th

7:45 - 9 pm

$25 pre-reg, $35 day-of

book online

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Yoga Nidra is the practice & art of yogic sleep. It is a profound but simple guided meditation  accessible to anyone. The practice systematically guides the body, mind and breath into a complete state of bliss. As you rest in a comfortable and supported savasana, Nancy will lead you through a guided relaxation that will invite your body and mind to completely let go. While in this safe, sacred space, Jeremy and Nancy will create an immersive soundscape to guide you deeper. The healing vibrations will leave you feeling grounded with a deeper connection to Self.