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Yoga with Live Music by Antonio Forte

Wednesday, October 30th

6:15-7:45 pm

Join Bristol for a Jivamukti class accompanied by Antonio’s live electronic music. These meditative and inspiring soundscapes will draw your attention inwards and elevate your intention. Don’t miss this invigorating class!

*Cost for class is our normal rates plus a donation of your choice for music.


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Calm within Chaos Day-Long Retreat

with Irene Bright-Dumm

Saturday November 16th

10 am - 6 pm

$120 or $100 for monthly members


Looking to deepen your understanding of your practice? Interested in learning how to tailor the tools of your yoga practice for better emotional balance and mental health support? Curious to know what's going on with your nervous system when you breathe and meditate and stuff? Want to eat some delicious food while exploring new self-healing tools?

In this day-long retreat, we will take a deep dive into how to empower our own healing processes with mind-body practices such as yoga asana (both active and restorative), breathwork, mindfulness, mudra, and somatic inquiry. This is an expansion of Irene's workshop on mental health and emotional well-being, Calm Within Chaos, in which we look through a yoga therapy lens of the whole person and develop tools for cultivating your own unique balance. This work is designed to help you meet your energy exactly where it's at, and equip you with the knowledge to regulate it so that you can be more present with yourself and loved ones, more at ease in your own life.

*If you have already Taken Calm Within Chaos, this day-long retreat is a great opportunity to expand your original toolbox and get support in fine-tuning how to regulate yourself and evolve your practice.

*Workshop includes: one slow vinyasa class, one restorative class, four hours of workshop time (topics include: meditation, breathwork, nervous system introduction, mudra, setting up self-practice), worksheets and exercises for designing your own practices, lunch, snack.

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Full Moon Sound Bath

With Michael Murphy

Saturday, February 9th

6-7 pm

$30 pre-registered

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Join us for a Sound Bath Meditation with 8 quartz crystal singing bowls, 7 therapeutic brass singing bowls, two koshi chimes, and a gong.


What is a Sound Bath?
A Sound Bath is a meditative journey that involves various instruments, each varying in vibrations and frequencies. These vibrations and frequencies induce an altered state of consciousness, also known as theta brain waves. The effect should be full-body relaxation that allows mind and body to come back into alignment and wellness. The Sound Bath Meditation benefits continue to be felt after the event (some say up to 72 hours) and has the ability to create a sense of lightness and joy in the body, mind and spirit.

During a Sound Bath Meditation, the participants are asked to bring yoga mats, blankets, and a pillow to lay on during the meditation. The Sound Bath lowers your heart rate, slows your breathing, allows muscles to release tension, and brings ‘stilllness’ into the mind. A Sound Bath helps to reduce stress, deepen the meditative state, and allow for a sense of peace and well being.