Yoga with Live Music by Antonio Forte

Wednesday, August 28th

6:15-7:45 pm

Join Bristol for a Jivamukti class accompanied by Antonio’s live electronic music. These meditative and inspiring soundscapes will draw your attention inwards and elevate your intention. Don’t miss this invigorating class!

*Cost for class is our normal rates plus a donation of your choice for music.


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Or join us for all 8 sessions for $50!

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Calm Within Chaos: A Yoga Therapy Workshop for Mental-Emotional Wellness and Stress Management

With Irene Bright-Dumm

Saturday, September 14th

1-3:30 pm


$40 pre-registered, $45 day-of

Yoga is broadly applauded for its mental health benefits. But do you know how exactly to access this increased emotional intelligence without overreliance on making it to class?

Just like we have hygiene routines to keep our physical bodies healthy, we need hygiene practices to keep our thoughts and feelings functioning in healthy ways. This can be challenging when we get extra busy, stressed, or take on heightened energy around us.

In this workshop we will explore the subtler, smaller yoga-based practices that can make a big difference in self-regulation and mental-emotional hygiene when a "full" 60-90-minute practice, getting to class, or any semblance of your "normal" self-care routine is out of the question.

In this workshop you will:
-Learn the lens of the vayus, or winds, that govern your energy body
-Understand the physical, mental, and emotional markers of vayus getting thrown out of balance
-Establish simple toolsets to bring yourself back to balance when you notice stress and friction arising (including breathwork, meditation, mudra, and movement)

After this workshop you will go home with:
-A short morning practice
-A short evening practice
-Tricks and tips to sprinkle through the day amidst times of heightened activity/stress

Come exactly as you are (no previous yoga experience necessary), and bring a journal or something to write with.

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Radiant Heart: Backbending Masterclass & Tonglen

with Bristol Maryott & Liz Guardia

Saturday, September 28th

11:30 am - 1:30 pm

$35 pre-registered

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Join Liz Guardia and Bristol Maryott for a Backbending Masterclass accompanied by Tonglen practice. We'll open our hearts, moving sequentially into deeper backbends. Liz and Bristol will both assist the class, allowing you to move forward with support and alignment.


Tonglen is the Buddhist practice of “sending and taking”. It is said that compassion can be the most effective catalyst for transforming the mind and heart. In this practice we will focus on various sentient beings and inhale their pain, transform it through our practice and exhale healing. This practice reverses our usual aversion to suffering and our attachment to pleasure. We will begin to feel love for ourselves and others, even the ones who challenge us.

This practice is like an antidote. Think of it as taking in what seems like poison and transforming it into medicine.